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I got hideo kojima's autograph. epic experience gives me epic giggles.

Hideo kojima the one man that changed my gaming taste, was in amsterdam 2day. Of all places he could of gone he came to amsterdam. I was shocked surprised and very happy with the news. The event was at Media Markt Amsterdam. And he was going to start at 3 o'clock so I made sure I was there as early as possible.
I was there at about 11 and brought a friend and my psp and ds to pass the time. It was an epic wait, there were only 2 people infront of me in the line, they were 2 girls, yep girls and these girls were the definition to hardcore gamers. one of them had a well done tatoo on her back of snake in that mgs art style. she also had a very unique and very cool foxhound tattoo with a foxhound on her arm.

I mean these were the 2 best gaming tattoos Ive seen ever. While the other girl seemed far from hardcore and just a friend of the girl with the tattoos she was very nice. She overheard me talking about ninja gaiden 2 and she turned to me. “oe thats a fun game. Completed it last night. Pretty easy tho.” I stood there stunned and just replied that super:O.
I thought I was pretty hardcore for a mgs fan but I was blown away by the amount of unique items brought to get signed. One guy had a very rare mgs 3 subsistence limited edition he wanted to get signed. I only had mgs2 and 1 with me these are my favorite mgs games so I really wanted them signed. The line stretched about 5 isles when hideo started. I was only aloud to have one item signed so I chose the nicest looking cover. Which is mgs2 in my opinion. It has artwork galore and is just plain beautiful.

I also met takeshi we didnt have a long time cause he wanted a place in the line. but it was nice to finally meat a fellow dtoid member.

I tried a little japanese on him and the art director and they really were nice to me:) and replied to me in japanese. I actually understood and replied again and then shook his hand and said goodbye, thank you for making games, I hope you keep on making great games and asked him if he was gonna make a new snatcher. He laughed and just raised his shoulders.
I never thought id ever get fanboy giggles but today I did. It was great and It was so worth the wait.
Also, I think that these events do work because after the event I wanted to play it so bad that I put up a ad to sell my wii and psp so I could get a ps3. Just to play mgs4.
For your entertainment a little clippie of the action jacked from youtube.
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