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Intel Vs Nvidia.

So i read that intel's not gonna allow Nvidia to make any of its Nforce chipsets to be compatible with the new Nehalem architecture.
Apparently it's a tactic that Intel's using as an offensive against Nvidia's tight grip on its SLI license. Great. now, we as consumers are gonna be the losers again. It's a lose-lose situation.
If Nvidia keeps being stubborn, and they probably will, and keeps the SLI exclusivity on its Nforce chipset mobos, then we can say good bye to multi-gpu awesomeness in conjunction with the next line of awesome intel cpus. While if Nvidia gives up the license to intel and allows intel chipsets to feature SLI, then we're probably gonna stop seeing awesome nvidia mobos because they just wont have the incentive to make them awesome anymore.

I say for the good of the masses, Nvidia loosens its grip on the SLI license and the universe will be in harmony again. in awesome CPU+ multi-GPU harmony, that is.

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