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The WiiSpray - Awesome new Wii controller

So, this is something I think is quite cool.

As part of his thesis, a university student in Germany rigged up a Wiimote-style spraypaint controller he’s calling the “Wiispray”. His eventual plan is to create software that acts as a communal wall, where people can collaborate on graffiti or other art projects.

I’m actually surprised we haven’t seen more custom controllers for the Wii from game developers. I’m not talking about those stupid attachments like a baseball bat handle you can clip onto the Wiimote, but actual controllers. I feel like there’s a lot of potential there, and it doesn’t seem to be all that complicated to do (See Johnny Lee), yet all we really have is the Guitar Hero controller. Where are the high quality fishing rods, swords & shields (and other assorted weapons. Spear Hero would be epic.), awesome lightguns (Nintendo’s doesn’t count; it’s bulky and awkward), or other cool controller peripherals?

Do you think it’s too expensive for companies to make them to bundle with games, or is the problem the glut of 3rd party developers who are interested in making crap that they can easily market to kids? Or, do you think the standard Wiimote does enough, and there’s no need to make anything fancy or different? I know personally I would love to see more unique controllers and games specifically designed to take advantage of them.

[Via Slashgear. If you speak German, visit the project website at http://www.wiispray.com/]
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