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Beyond Good and Evil + Devil May Cry 4 for $29.95! *jigs* I also bought some other shit


So I decided to brave the city and all of the horrible people within to go give some money to starving video game stores. I started at EB games where I sold my sou....where I picked up a pre-owned Turok on PS3 for a mean $35; which you can never get here, even pre-owned PS3 games are usually $70+. Happy with my purchase I ventured upstairs in the arcade to the lovable street date breaking gamers, 'GameTraders'.

I walk in and immediately eye "Beyond Good and Evil" for PC for a mere $29.95, pre-owned obviously. Having never played past the first part of the game, I snatched it up before anyone could figure out what happened muhahah. Then I grab what I originally came for, 'Mass Effect' for PC, for $84.95, and just because it's $40 cheaper on PC than PS3, I also bought 'Lego Indiana Jones' for $39.95.

I walk up to the counter and hand the 4 games over.

"You know you can get another pre-owned gamAe from that table for free?"

"Oh really? Cool"

So I toddle on over to the table and brush away a few titles, when a familiar cover catches my eye....DMC4!? On the pre-owned table with the PS1, PS2 and PC titles...and it's marked at 29.95!? What madness is this!!? So I grab that cunt and I strut up to the counter and put it down and I'm like "Dude, can I even grab this one?"

(had to darken the tags in photoshop cos you couldn't see the print at all)

The 2 guys behind the counter just look at eachother and one of them starts cursing and muttering shit about how stupid one of their fellow employees is, and after a minute or so off slagging off the guy who wasn't there he chuckles and says "Yeah man stuff it, just take it".


Best video game trip ever.

The only hard part is figuring out what to play.
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