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Cblogs of 06.05.08 + Go See KFP

I think my recaps are getting shittier and shittier in quality. I apologize, but life catches up with you sometimes =P

Anyways I wanted to take this time to plug Kung Fu Panda, in theaters tomorrow. Go see it cause it's awesome. Also look for my name in the credits.

*- Destructoid (Riomccarthy)
*- DS Games that need to come to the states
*- I regret spending money on that new skateboard because I should of bought this instead.
*- balth starting a D&D group

A- Will Wright is God (Elandarex)
A- Marty Turco (jugs)

M- Double Dribble (iwonusemyname)
M- ultima (flonnemcninja)
M- earthbound (dexter345)
M- turrican (paraparaking)
M- dreamcast (rider chop)
M- kungfu (jt706)
M- something awesome (mandril)
M- xenogears (urashima)
M- Zork (victorylap)
M- dtoid (awkwardmongoose)
P- Failcast 10

C- Some sort of contest
TEO- saku

E- wiimbledon
E- LA MGS 4 Launch
E- wiimbledon
C- New Dtoid Editor
C- Topgear in France
C- yojimbo approves of new look
C- early christmas for vn1977
C- luc, where art thou?
C- more new design approvals
C-Slife contemplates on somethings?
C- more advice for dtoid noobs
C- gaming funks
I- zombieaffair

N- Bioshock3
N- No PSN Update
N- another SW character in SCIV
N- bioshock trilogy
N- psn update
N- Motorhead DLC on GH3
N- June 6th EU Release
N- Marvel UA 15$ on amazon
N- some pokemon at gamestop
V- Dawn of War 2
V- RE5
V- saints row 2 pisses on gta
T- Chaos wars has shitty voice acting
T- agro samurai
T- mgs4 spoiler pics
T- What Tiff Said
T- age of conan
T- NMH and blood
T- Summon Night
T- Beating Games
T- new CoD4 PC maps
T- what happened to ET:QW
T- mobile gaming
T- 3rd party companies
T- Zanac
T- shitty knockoff games
T- something about mgs4 nda
T- street ship dates
T- unfortunately, JT ain't done yet
T- spoilers
T- gta, grid, batman punching shark
D- terrance the armless ninja

F- bluray releases
F- zohan
S- Spawn MC?
S- gamer shirts
S- verizon xv6800

L- The Iphone could challenge the DS
R- kick ass waterslide
R- the onion does GTA
V- Citizens of GTA
V- startrek rap?
V- mgs4 disc load
V- halocaust
V- another one of those 100% on GH3 videos
V- geoff posts another video
C- what mix said
C- #2
C- #3
?- ?
?- ?
?- ?
?- ?
?- ?
?- ?
?- ?

S- #1?
F- #1

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