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Jack Thompson has a hissy fit, storms out of courtroom; Florida bar recommends 10 year disbarment (hahaha!)

(I know its on the front page, but I want to say a few things+people miss the front page posts sometimes+i have a shoop. so whatev!)

In a horribly predictable act, Jack Thompson has declared that Judge Tunis is in fact not a judge and that she is not legally fit to oversee his court case. Before the hearing could even start Jack Thompson slapped down a 14 page, typed up objection, going in to vast amounts of detail about how he is on a mission from god, how he has been subject to conspiracies between Rockstar and Take2, how he has influenced the presidential candidates, Obama and Clinton, on the GTA games, that he will never stop harassing people even if he is disbarred and that he is indeed a god damn, fucking lunatic. He then demanded that he be allowed to read it to the court and when Judge Tunis denied his motion, he stormed out like a little girl, giving up all rights to argue anything that may have saved his career. YAY!

Once again Jack totally misses the point, being that the case is to judge his composure and actions towards... well towards pretty much everyone he has ever come in to contact with; and with the way he acted, you would think something would have sunk in by now. Yet he seems to look past the legal system of which he cites so much to his defense and thinks the laws and regulations do not apply to him because god has his fist up his ass and is using him as a puppet to do his bidding; great work Jack, you fucking idiot.

Jack Thompson is 56 years old, so a 10 year disbarment would make him 66 before he could practice law again hahaha, and by then hopefully the likes of Alzheimer's or Schizophrenia would have kicked in and if not, it wont be long before it does. Not to mention the fact that he is so discredited now among any known courts and companies that nobody will ever take him seriously again; well nobody that isn't a right wing, bible thumping fuckwit.

If you wish to read Jacks CrAzY ObJeCtIoN, you needn't go further than this link...

Jack Thompsons horribly derivative objection

As a gamer I could not be happier about his demise and many shoops will occur post-disbarment, but as a citizen, I am just happy to see this man, whose gross misuse of the courtroom and all legal proceedings have caused so many people hurt and sorrow simply so he can prove some non-existent point. The fact that he has been allowed to act the way he has for so long is a horrendous crime unto itself and it's great to see the legal system finally catching up with him.

Jack Thompson, you are a joke of a human being. You feed off of others misery to try and persuade people to follow your outlandish claims against an entertainment medium and exploit the legal system to harass people you do not agree with. You are dirt, you are lower than dirt, you are the sweaty dirt in the ass crack of a fat biker in the forest, having sex with a prostitute with STD's.

hahahah aahhh just thinking about how horribley ignorant you are and how you will never be happy makes me infinitely happy. I hope you fucking die you horrible shit.
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