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Best DS flash demo EVER! (Rolling Panda Baby Edition)

You may have heard of Namco-Bandai's upcoming DS pet game National Geographic Panda (Panda-san Nikki). Well, for those of you who can't wait, there is a flash demo on the official site now. The site alone is probably the greatest thing in the whole internet, but once you click on the second pink button at the top, the demo starts.

Granted, it's not exactly massive; all you can do at the moment is rolling a panda baby over. But I swear to you, once you've started, you simply can't stop doing it over and over again, for hours and hours and hours - especially because of the amazing background song that will stick in your head probably forever. And just look how happy the little fella looks everytime you did it!

God, pandas are so awesome. What's Final Fantasy IV again?
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