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Dtoid Cinci NARP 08 Recap - Yes Another One! :D


All the rest of my photos are uploaded here:

Videos (And yes they're links so this blog isn't freaking more massive than it already is):

IKILLPXLS - Bad Connection
IKILLPXLS - Blocks In The Sky
IKILLPXLS - Destructoid Theme
IKILLPXLS - I'm A Shark (With Sing-A-Long!)
IKILLPXLS - My Final Fantasy
IKILLPXLS - Princess P
IKILLPXLS - Sensual Seduction
IKILLPXLS - These Streets of Rage
IKILLPXLS - Your Last Life

CosbyTron Performing 1
CosbyTron Performing 2

Epic Rock Banding

Rock Star Dancing

End of Tazar's Epic Soulja Boy Dance

If I missed anyone I apologize! There were so many people there and it was great to meet all of you!
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