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Dtoid Cinci NARP 08 Recap - Yes Another One! :D


Ok, so for this being my first Destructoid meetup I can say I had the freaking time of my life. I am so glad I tagged along for the ride with droobies, Amber, AngelsDontBurn and Suff0cat. This was the best weekend ever, no lie. Ok now shoutouts

droobies - Thank you for coming up to get me and being a hell of a champ driver. If there was anyone's balls I as glad to see this weekend it was yours. :)

Amber - YOU ARE AMAZING! I swear to God I have not met a girl I'd love to hang out with everyday before you. We need to hang out more often, it was amazing. Thanks to you for driving and picking me up! I can't wait for our next adventure!

AngelsDontBurn - It was so amazing meeting you! I'm glad my Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman powers helped you out! :D Also, yay for epic road home conversations!

Suff0cat - It was so awesome getting to see you in person since you never show your face :P Thanks again for your thank you gifts, glad it saved you some money flying in my way! And YES for epic TV shots tonight!

GuitarAtomik - Thank you for the amazing show as well as the art prints and everything else. You were amazing to hang out with and I can't wait to molest you again at PAX, this time I hopefully won't break your neck. OH and we need more art fun. :D And if you ever say you're fat again I'm going to make you sit on my lap and be my pillow again! D<

Ron Workmeng - Thank you for freaking everything. I appreciate you and Joe getting all this shit together so we could have such a fun get together. Also, yay for amazing pics thanks to you :P

Joe - Thanks to you too for everything and letting us crash at your house for a bit! Also yay for Gamestop discounts, right? :D

Nino - I didn't get to talk to you enough, but thanks for getting stuff set up for us! I really appreciate it!

Tazar - I swear to God.. you're so much more amazing even in person! Our picture together is the best! I cannot wait for PAX now, MOAR TAZAR!

SteamyV - It was great to finally meet the person who I randomly drunken talked to on the phone at the first Cinci NARP! I wish I would have had more time to talk to you and your girl! I <3 you both!

itemforty - You are amazing my friend. Your dancing skills know no bounds. I can't wait to hang out again! YAY ARTIST FRIENDS!

Samit - I wish we could have hung out more! I loved getting to meet you finally and I'm glad you finally got to see Livewire Mt. Dew!

Grim - You are so damn quiet!

Riser - I freaking miss you. You're so amazing in person let alone stickam. I can't wait to see you again!

Chee - You have a great lap to ride on! :P YAY Car Trips!

CosbyTron - Thanks for putting on an awesome show dude! It was great to hear you play live!

Pedro - Awesome pictures dude! Thanks for giving me a lesson in cameras!

Hoygeit - It was a freaking huge pleasure to get to meet you! Thanks for letting me draw in your notebook! It was fun! I can't wait to work on an art piece with you!

Phist - I totally didn't get to hang out with you enough but you were a total pleasure to meet. We have to hang out more at PAX!

Petiepal - It was awesome getting to meet you! Get in stickam moar!


Keener - Total <3s it was great to meet you too!

coonskin - Your alcohol consumption is win.

mid3vol - So awesome finally getting to meet you in person! <3

And what a way to end an awesome weekend:

All the rest of my photos are uploaded here:

Videos (And yes they're links so this blog isn't freaking more massive than it already is):

IKILLPXLS - Bad Connection
IKILLPXLS - Blocks In The Sky
IKILLPXLS - Destructoid Theme
IKILLPXLS - I'm A Shark (With Sing-A-Long!)
IKILLPXLS - My Final Fantasy
IKILLPXLS - Princess P
IKILLPXLS - Sensual Seduction
IKILLPXLS - These Streets of Rage
IKILLPXLS - Your Last Life

CosbyTron Performing 1
CosbyTron Performing 2

Epic Rock Banding

Rock Star Dancing

End of Tazar's Epic Soulja Boy Dance

If I missed anyone I apologize! There were so many people there and it was great to meet all of you!
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