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Florida NARP! Make sure you clear your calendars for the end of the month!

Greetings Florida DToiders!

We eat, drink and, game our asses off; maybe even go downtown for a little while. Then on Saturday we head to Epcot and get ourselves some day passes and commence the first ever DESTRUCTOID DRINK AROUND THE WORLD MARCH! We'll start in Mexico, meng, and make our way around the lake drinking at each country themed section of the park until we either pass out or make it back to the gate(CHAMPIONS!); after that we can head back to my place and sleep it off and then on Sunday - "You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here. (^_^)"

Because of all the drinking that I'm sure will be involved I think we should make this a 21+ event. However, if everyone is willing to pass on the bar hopping Friday Night then I guess 18+ is acceptable. This way we can have the younger members DD for us after Epcot...

Now... with that brief plan laid out, what does everyone think? Is there enough time for everyone to get that down in their calendars?
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