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Dethklok Concert Wrap-up


Last night I journeyed into the depths of downtown Portland to attend the first stop of Dethklok's nationwide tour. Besides the random drunken jackasses and the insane amount of Battlefield: Bad Company posters stuck around the building, it was pretty much nothing but awesome.

As is normal with most concerts I had to sit through the opening band which really didn't fit my liking. The band in this case was Chimaira. (Yeah, that's how they spell it.) They're not a horrible band, if you're into metal, but when all I want is Dethklok then I don't like sitting through music that isn't Dethklok. Luckily for me, I actually arrived 20 minutes late so I only had to sit through 2 songs. Chimaira finished up their set and ran offstage with their equipment to follow. After about a 20 minute setup/sound check Dethklok finally came on. OK, scratch that. Before Dethklok came on we were treated to a trailer of Battlefield: Bad Company (Bad idea, EA) which everyone promptly booed. When the booing subsided everyone started chanting Dethklok's name. Eventually the band came out, not the characters but the people that actually play the music for the show, and opened the set with the appropriate Deththeme.

The great thing about this concert is that it's not only a concert, but they also have an episode built into the show. After the Deththeme they showed the usual Metalocalypse opening suquence with all the government officials talking about how to destroy Dethklok. After the first scene, Dethklok went back to playing. The show went on like this with Dethklok playing two or three songs, then stopping to show a clip of either the band or their mascot, Facebone.

After about an hour and a half, the show ended and I felt the metal flowing through my veins. I highly recommend you attend this concert if they stop in your city. Especially if you're a fan of the show. Even if you've never heard of Dethklok it's still a decently cheap metal show. (About $20.) To sum up the show, I'll leave you with a quote Facebone says in one of the clips from the show

"Dethklok is dedicated to giving you Sweet, Blowjobby Metal."

Crappy phone pics attached.
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