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The Start of the Affair: Chrono Trigger


Seeing I Can't remember my first game (and i'm quite sure I wouldn't remember enough to talk about anyway.) I figure I come out the closet fully and share why i'm really so obsessed with one of the big SNES RPGs around: Chrono Trigger

Upon seeing the commercial (which is Below) on TV from time to time, the game looked so awesome in my eye. At this time, my sister and I were really hooked onto the SNES more than Genesis at the time (Plus the Genesis wasn't ours as much as my brother anyway.) Granted this time of my life, I don't and can't work since i'm about 9. So settling for renting, I was rather new to the RPG scene as this was the very first RPG I had played (at least from what I remember.) Not knowing a thing on RPGs or even the genre, the game still caught my wet tounge. I didn't mind not being the one implementing the actual moves done. As long as it was fun, I enjoyed it.

OK so I couldn't find the american version but you get my point right?

Now as a small kid, this game was always on my mind. I wanted to own this game for good. I wanted to finish the game. I wanted to play more games like this. Seriously guys, none of my dreams came true (until the remake...which comes later in the story.) Not even playing more RPGs. I didn't start my RPG craze until the PS1/PSX days. But I can assure you, I rented the hell out of this game. The day it went back, I bugged my mom to rent it again. The problem with renting RPG games back then were if you didn't finish it, say bye to erase file. Well...you can guess just what happened each time. Plus my mom only allowed us to only play and rent games on the weekend since she wanted us to stay focused on school. Sucks yes, but my mom was reasonable enough to let us play sometimes during the week.

Yea that's right Ayla. You ride that bird niiiiice and hard.

Everything about this game from the name, Crono not talking (which at that time, my sis and I didn't understand.) to Ayla's sexy muscular amazon body. My sister had a stence for wanting to play the voiceovers for RPGs to add the realism I assume. But i'm trying not to drift away from the game itself so lets skip ahead to the PS1 days.

When EGM announced that then Squaresoft was planning to do port Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger to the PS1 and dub it Final Fantasy Chronicles (which till this day amuses me as....1 game a FF and the other is not.) I nearly ran around the house with excitement and pissing every pair of new pants I put on. I thought "I can finally finish the game and get further than the 2nd return to 600 AD." You can bet your ass I got my dad to drive me up to Toys R us and pick it up on that very hot summer day. I pretty much ignored FFIV, playing it about a month or so after but it was all about Chrono Trigger. At this point, I've gotten more into the RPG genre. Playing games like FFVII and already owning Xenogears. Chrono Cross might've already been out too.

The added PS1 opening. Still awesome now looking at it.

Replaying this gem, I loved the newly added cutscenes with the already great artwork of Akira Toriyama which at this point, knew who he was and easily see the resemblence in his characters (coughdbzcough.). It was nice seeing the opening and seeing Chrono and Frog pull off the X slash double team in the Rain. I also remember dubbing characters in the game as characters from DBZ. From what I even remember:

Crono = Goku
Lucca = Bulma
Marle = Chi Chi
Frog = Piccilo (or Krillan)
Robo = ???
Magus = Trunks
Ayla = ????

Just simple play around is all. The game was just as I remembered it. Awesome music, great 2d sprites, fun battle system. Not only was the game added, but Squaresoft was smart enough to add a Gallery for all the cutscenes, extra endings and music. At the time, CT was known for its alternate endings which most RPGs didn't have at the time (or so I remembered.) Plus with the oppurtunity to battle the final boss. Lavos basically anytime you wanted. Of course you won't get far when you're lvl 1 trying to take on Lavos.

Chrono Cross Opening

Because of this game that I finally did beat summers ago. The Lavos boss fights throughout the game are rather big and epic. Especially the final one as it's rather unexpected and can last a good while if you don't figure out what's going on. Hell Lavos itself is rather massive for a 2d boss. Because of this, it made me go back to Chrono Cross and actually try to beat the game. Cross, the somewhat loose sequal to Trigger, was a game I tried beating but never could because I never knew how to really buff up my characters. I restarted that game more than 3 times before I finally got the hang of it. Cross was much more underappreciated for whatever reason but is still looked at as a good game. The artwork is very beautiful just by looking at the world map. As it looks like a complete picture drawing rather than something from a game.

Even to this day I still cherish this game with everything as it's the game to get me into the RPG scene. The many boss fights I've won, loss, done over and over. Deciding if I wanted Magus in my group or kill the pale fool off (though if you're smart, you'd want him in your team.), to Johnny and his bike crew, this game had it all for a SNES game. The sense of accomplishment I felt when I recieved the fully unlocked Masamune for Frog (which made him even more of a beast than he was.) or the Rainbow sword (Crono's strongest sword and guranteed him 90% of the time a Critical Hit AKA 2 strong slashes.) or getting all the team up abilities, the game still wets my pants/bed/skin. Just talking about it and listening to the music makes me want to load it up for good times.

As of today, I own the original Black label Chrono Cross, the original black label Final Fantasy Chronicles, both Trigger and Cross soundtracks and plan on buying a SNES Chrono Trigger whenver I have money to give towards it. I'd probably still be big into fighters and no so much RPGs if Chrono Trigger didn't enter my SNES. I thank this game and Squaresoft(not Squeenix) for this awesome game and Akira Toriyama for such great artwork and lovable characters that doesn't pertain to another Dragonball series.

and yes, I did beat Chrono Cross for those wondering since I didn't state it above (it was the summer leading into 10th grade I believe?). For a outtro, 2 of my favorite songs from Trigger and Cross.

Chrono Cross ending theme: Unstolen Jewel. Spoilers if you're worried.

Chrono Trigger: Secret of the Forest
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