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LucasArts mocks adventure game fans


Today Eurogamer asked LucasArts employees Chris Norris (PR manager) and Jeffrey Gullett (Fracture assistant producer) the one question that's on the heart of possibly every adventure game nostalgic in the world:

"Are you ever going to make a graphic adventure again and why at least can't you just re-release them?"

Which is especially a good point considering that classic point-and-click adventure games are going through a kind of revival in terms of popularity. Just look at titles like the Sam & Max series on the PC, Hotel Dusk and the Ace Attorney series on the DS, or Zack and Wiki (and soon Sam & Max again) on the Wii. And don't forget that many people get an R4 just to play LucasArts adventure games on the DS using ScummVM.

Well, Gullet really has the balls to tell us that "the cart size of the DS makes it impossible to put out ports of any of our old graphic adventures." He says that "there's literally not enough room on those carts to put the games out."

And Norris adds that "we're still making adventure games but they're a little bit different than before with survival horror games and the like."

Okay, so in summary you tell me that The Secret of Monkey Island won't fit on a 256 MB DS cart and that I should go play Dino Crisis instead?

Fuck you, LucasArts. Not that I'm really mad that you don't want to make adventure games anymore - fortunately there are others now who do that quite well. I'm just a little mad at how little respect you have for the people that made your company as big as it is today, telling them such a bunch of bullshit.
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