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Christian Bale's Wii Fit Diary

Hey, guys, I found Christian Bale's Wii Fit diary. I just copy-pasta'd it below.


Week One
Age: 34
Height: 6′1
BMI: 25.14 (Overweight)
Weight: 190.2 pounds
Wii Fit Age: 41

Maybe an hour a day was too much. While I still think I look really good, I may have to buy a whole new wardrobe. I guess that's the downside of losing weight! Also, I think one of my kidneys failed. I'll cut back to 45 minutes a day and let you know how that goes next week. I've got that whole Batman movie premiere coming up, and I'm a little nervous about looking fat. The camera adds 80 lbs, you know. - CB out.

[Note -- Bale's diary hasn't been updated in a while, but he must be really busy with all this movie stuff coming up. I'll let you know if I see an update.]
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