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Grand Theft Auto 4: It's cab time!


Grand Theft Auto 4: Jobs for Little Jacob from Kryptinite on Vimeo.

After 40 plus hours of game time and with 72% of the game completed, I finally beat my first Grand Theft Auto game ever! I've played every game in the series thus far and Grand Theft Auto 4 is the first game that actually kept my attention long enough to see it through until the end. Without doing a huge review on it, I'll just say that I really enjoyed the story and how it kept me guessing throughout the game. I was somewhat emotionally invested in Niko and I just wanted to see the man catch a break.

Now that I've beaten the game, it's time to make some videos! This video displays an easy way to do Jacob's side missions. I fell in love with the public transportation in the game and used it every chance I got. I've logged probably 400 miles in a taxi alone!

I really should get back to Lost Odyssey before Ninja Gaiden II and Metal Gear Solid 4 come out but this is the life of a gamer. Sometimes we don't finish all the games we start. (EDS we need to start finishing games)
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