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Bittersweet memories of multiplayer gaming

I was hit with a painful realisation the other day of how much I miss playing multi player games with physical people, rather than voices over the net.

Since getting my Wii last November time I have brought many Virtual Console games, many of those 2 player, also the few proper Wii games I have are also mostly able to have 2 or more players. Up until last Sunday I had never played any of these with people. My house is out of town, so none of my friends ever visit.

My sister was visiting my parents for the weekend, she popped in to see me as well, as soon as she saw Golden Axe 3 game on the Wii menu she went all dewy eyed and insisted on playing it with me. We only did a few levels as she couldn’t stay long, but it was so much fun! It brought back lots of nostalgic memories of me when I was a kid. Me and my childhood friends would spend hours and hours crowded round our Master Systems, Megadrives and Super Nes’s playing levels and lives on absolutely everything.

Nowadays I hardly play any games multiplayer with people I know. Occasionally I will play Halo 3 Co-op with a friend, but his console red ringed the other day anyway, and I just am not comfortable playing online games with strangers. Sure I will do it, but I am never myself and am too shy to speak.

Anyway I guess the point of this post is that I can’t see the way I used to play games with friends ever coming back. As online functions get better and better there will be less and less need to play games with friends in person, I think that is a damn shame. I cry for the memories of my childhood!
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Am 28 years old, live in Northampton, England, work as a internet administrator. Like horror films, rock music, zombie books etc etc.

My gamertag is Happyhead UK, I really really want to play online games with friendly people,as I hate playing with strangers, I really feel like I'm missing out on online games due to this fact so am envious of all the people with thier fancy 'friend lists'!

Anyway my first console was a BBC Acorn Electron, I loved it, had hundreds of games for it. My fave games were the Repton ones, as well as Crazy Rider, and a game set in a underground base that I can't recall the title of. All good things come to an end though. One day the cassette box thing broke, rather then get a new one my parents chucked the whole thing away, and sold all the games to some dodgy bloke at a car boot sale for �5.

That was the end of my console owning days I assumed. My friends all had Master Systems, so we would spend hours playing Alex Kidd and Sonic, I thought the graphics and sound were unbelivable.

One birthday I find a big present, I open it to find surrounded by a legion of angels a Megadrive, a pure virgin Megadrive, with Altered Beast and Sonic. Before that day I had not even realised such a beast of power existed.

I become the cool kid in the neighbourhood with everyone wanting to play it. A year later a bitter war erupted, a enemy appeared on the horizon - the Super NES...

It was a bitter and bloody battle over the next few years. Some of my friends got Megadrives, while other friends were torn asunder and got Super NES's, a civil war of apocalyptic proportions. Fighting in the streets, gangs armed with Game Gears and Gameboys beating each other into bloody chunks, a literal Hell on Earth.

Looking back I think this is were my dislike of Nintendo appeared. Don't get me wrong, nowadays I love Nintendo games, I own a GBA, DS, Gamecube and Wii, but at the root of my being I will always love Sega more. To this day I dislike Mario. I think the games are amazing, but he himself I detest. I refuse to believe there is such a thing as a bad Sonic game, I just turn a blind eye to the bad ones...anyway I digress.

After that I brought a NES, sold it, though liked it, brought a Super NES (my fave game of all time is the Super NES version of Batman Returns), sold it to get a Playstation, sold that when I got a Playstation 2, brought an almighty Dreamcast (RIP), and got a N64 for Goldeneye. Swallowed my pride and brought a Xbox. The rest is history.

Now I own a Dreamcast, Wii, Xbox, 360, Playstation 2, Master System, Megadrive (my pride, over 200 games), GBA, DS, NES, Super NES, and a Gamecube (which I have misplaced somewhere).
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