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Cinci NARP Shout Outs!! Yeah, it's another one. Get over it!


by Rio

Seriously. This was the most fun I've had in a loooooong time. I got to hang out with AsianJoe (aka IncredibleEdibleEgg), Mid3vol, Phist, Tazar, and Riser in Columbus and yell at people while driving by. Chee and Angels are like my brothers from other mothers. I got to meet Rio who drew me that awesome sketch up at at the top there. I had the most fun show ever and having people sing along to the Destructoid Theme and I'm a Shark was so epic (video soon!). I'm still smiling about that and I'm glad everyone enjoyed it (also thanks to Cosbytron who not only rocked it as well, but provided the PA to make it possible).


IncredibleEdibleEgg: Can sing about 7 verses of "Danny Boy".

Keener: that's what she said!

Aertyr: is way fucking tall. What the hell do they put in the water where you're from?

Mid3vol: got laid in front of everyone.

Zserv: gave me the AIDS.

Britini: made Zserv a man and Mid3vol a woman.

Phist: AY! U GAY!!

Chee: and I are going to have man babies and the glorious hair on they're heads will bring world peace. Also, sticker rape.

AngelsDontBurn: is the coolest guy evah and Oh-Dae-Su and I need to go on a Dtoid World Tour one day.

Ron: touched my balls

Droobies: is not afraid to draw things on himself in certain places with sharpies.

Rio: needs to be lead singer for an Iron Maiden cover band. She also needs to be more careful about what sharpies she puts in her mouth.

Suff0cat: SUFF0CAT!!!

Riser: Becomes zombified while drunk. Also, he doesn't look a damn thing like his avatar

Tazar: and I beat Target Terror but the terrorists still won. BUSSTAH WOOLL!!!

Hoygeit: doesn't know how to pronounce his own name. He also knows how I wake up in the morning.

PetiePal: could probably fight a bear if he wanted to.

Nino: fucked up my show. Good job Nino!!!

Lark: is the only one who can make paddle balling look creepy.

Coonskin: was probably sober for 5 minutes tops.

Puppet: it's true! He actually is cool.

Grim: Oh shit it's GRIM!!

DynamicSheep: has the most epic red hair of all time.

BigPopaGamer: fucking shreds on Rock Band.

AgentMoo: must be a professional drinker. He also knows how to powerslide a Kia.

Itemforty: is going to be the Snoop to my Dr Dre and needs to play Gordon Freeman in a Half Life movie.

Cosbytron: tip your waitresses for world peace!

BuckFitches: drinks beer for breakfast and stalks geese.

Anyone I'm forgetting I'm way sorry. I'm at work and I'm still super tired. I met sooo many awesome people and I can't explain how much fun I had with everyone though. Thanks again Ron and Burling for putting this on. Only Destructoid could get me to fly from Florida to Ohio for a weekend and make it feel totally worth it. I love all you guys and it was truly the best weekend ever.

by Pablo
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