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Epic Cinci NARP was EPIC

I'm sure you'll see a ton of these today because everyone's getting home, but so far noone's put up pictures. Unfortunately, my camera was stolen/lost at the Wings and Rings, so I'm not going to be able to post any pics from the event either. I felt that without pics it wouldn't warrant posting, but since there aren't any up now, I'll go ahead anyway.

Firstly, everyone... everyone was fucking awesome. The night of the pre-NARP in the hotel was awesome-sauce on a great big fucking WIN-steak. I'm not a very social person, but I felt comfortable the entire time I was there talking to people that I'd never even seen on Dtoid, which is amazing for me. Oh, and just wait until you guys see the group picture... I'll just say that Rockstar "fucking rocks!" and leave it at that.

From here, I think I'll go all "stream of consciousness": Rockstar and Wings and Rings got rickrolled! Keener and Steamy V are two of the nicest people I've ever met in my life. Joe Burling and Asian Joe looked fuckin' sharp. Britini loves Meme the Midget. Bunnie drives like there's no tomorrow and recreates scenes from "The Pagemaster" in the back seat of her car, while puppet juggles $5,000 cameras. :D Speaking of Puppet, he's, ironically, a really nice guy and he speaks highly of White Castle and Balls. Coonskin knows when to hit the booze and hit it hard. BigPopaGamer has a mysterious tale of intrigue that involves the missing 'p' in his screen name. Blehman looks JUST LIKE John Lennon. Perkins has delicious breakfast at affordable prices. itemforty drove from fucking Texas and likes to eat fast food as a treat while his g/f isn't looking. Don't order the cheeseburger from "Wings and Rings"! However, I will recommend their $1 jello shots, a cheap and easy way to get drunk. Cheeburga + Britini = Wonder Twins! Tazar got a very sexy b-day present courtesy of Droobies (use your imagination). GuitarAtomik fucking ROCKS and he and Tazar got screwed by "Target Terror". ZServ wasn't in the picture:(. Ron is a maniac, and I mean that in the best way possible. Did I mention that CosbyTron fucking rocks, because he FUCKING ROCKS. Sevink got lucky as the bombs starting falling, but he is a very competent opponent. "Who's Jesus?" What's an "outside"? Nino, Steamy V, Joe Burling, and Ron are Gods for putting this together, and I think that this NARP proves that Ron Workman has the largest E-peen in the history of the internet.
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