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The Genre I Forgot: The PC RPG

Over the past couple of weeks I've been furiously trading my games through Goozex and picking up gems from the past that I have either missed out on, or want to play again for nostalgia's sake. As I have been browsing through the website's enormous library, however, I've noticed something. Throughout my gaming career, I have pretty much ignored an entire genre, the PC RPG. This is not because the category doesn't appeal to me, its just something that never came to mind when buying new games. Of course, this isn't to say I've never played a PC RPG; I've been playing Diablo 2 for almost 5 years now and had a horrible, horrible affair with WoW for a while too, I just don't feel that these 2 games alone represent an entire genre that has undergone years of innovation and evolution. That is why I've decided to take time to visit what I've missed out on for all these years and play many of the gems of the genre that I've heard so much about. I am going to start a semi-regular series in which I detail my experiences with various games, and how, if at all, they effect me as a gamer. I hope to explore the intricacies of a game type I know little about, and find what each new game breings to the table.

For my first step into the PC RPG world, I will be playing Freedom Force Vs. The Third Reich, as it comes highly reccomended from a friend, but, being new to the genre, I would appreciate any suggestions for games I should play after that. It doesn't matter if they're old or new, I just want to know of any PC RPGs that you have enjoyed and think I should experience for myself. I only ask one thing:

No MMORPGs please. I want to focus on games that have a definate ending and don't require a huge time commitment to play. Plus I finally managed to kick my WoW addiction and would prefer not to get re-introduced.

I look forward to any suggestions, as well as playing all the PC RPGs I can. Freedom Force just finished installing so hopefully I'll be able to start my musings in not too long!
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