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Atlus reveals elaborate (enemy/item) naming process!

Well, it isn't really that elaborate. While Etrian Odyssey is supposed to be the epitome of old-school rpgs, the naming follies that were made in the 8-bit days are no more. Atlus has a limit on the number of characters that they use in their names for memory reasons, and because of this, Japanese names that are literally translated into something much more elaborate have to be hacked down to something like 8 characters when they're Romanized. this brings on some very lame names, such as badglare.

Source: http://www.atlus.com/pd.php

I always find stuff like this interesting, because there were some REALLY bad names back in the golden days of RPGs, and some even more terrible localization of the dialogs. Now, my question to you, the readers: Do you think this toying around with the names affects the game, or does it really matter at all to you, because you just want to rapidly press the 'A' button through some menus, see some cool animations, and watch your Foes die?

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