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If you love it, change it: dToid Community Section

As it is still the 31st of may, I want to quickly add to this months theme with some ideas that've been playing through my head. Its videogamesite related so I figure it fits within the premise of the 'assignment' :-)

I think some serious improvements could be made to the Community section of our marvelous and wonderful site, even more so as the community is what makes dtoid to what it is... The most-kick-ass-gaming-website-ever-conceived!

I think the further implementation of a scoring system could help. But it'll have to be implemented in such a way that abuse is hard or even virtually impossible.

My suggestion is, only let people who leave a comment vote on a clog and publicly show ( like next to their reply ) how much they graded that post, this will automatically create a level of keeping people in check as their votes will be there for all of us to see, I mean if you want to give a post a 1, you better be ready to defend that choice too, the same with ranking it higher...

On the main-clog-page we can then have a possibility to remove all posts below a certain ranking from view ( to prevent new posts from not being see, they should be given an average rating at the moment of posting, after which they'll surely dissapear if they are not good enough ) This way the concerned members of our community will have a way of dealing with unwanted creatures & posts. sure some vendettas are sure to arrise but in the end we would all benefit from a good system to 'automatically' remove utter-fail-blogs from the listing.

ALSO ALSO ALSO, we can have e-cock-waving-contests with our blog-scores!

Dtoid is a marvelous website, and the community rocks, its just that the tools that the community has at its disposal could be just a little tad better, and I think that little bit would be enough to make dtoid an even more rewarding and pleasant experience for everyone involved, so that's ALL OF YOU!

So that's about it, what do you guys think? what would you like to see improved in the dtoid-community-sections?
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