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Death in Games

Death; it's never fun. An experience that can evoke a range of reactions. From the obvious
grief, to panic, trauma, and depending on your relation to the deceased, a dull, and brief
malcontent. This said, death in games has, as far as I know, always been handled rather
casually, is it time for a change, or does this serve a purpose?

In more primitive games death meant starting over, from the beginning. Before the luxury
of saving, the prospect of death was actually one met with a sort of fear, or at least a
visceral response from players, though usually frustration, and almost never genuine

The Saved Game brought a little more comfort to gaming, making death a much less
important factor. The game over is a staple that, just recently, seems to be going away.

At no time during decapitation did I think that Leon would be okay, when his head hit the
ground I never once sat at the edge of my seat, mashing buttons in hopes of regenerating
a body. No, I assumed I was dead, but thank you Capcom for your astute reminder. Then I
load up my save and continue on. This definitely has a place in gaming but I would love to
see it handled in different ways, perhaps the art game scene will further explore it.

What do you guys think?
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