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Prey 360 was the pioneer for next-gen wrench violence and portals; it needs love @ Amazon today


You're excited, I can tell. Not many games allow you play the role of an angsty Native American mechanic who beats aliens with a wrench about the ass and face. Maybe that's not your bag after Bioshock's amazing depiction of wrench violence, you just can't go back, which I can totally understand. However, Prey also has portals; INTERDIMENSIONAL TRAVEL!! That's right, before The Orange Box's Portal made portaling cool again, Prey was keeping it real. This is the entire reason the game was delayed 10 years...that's hardcore! And all because the technology wasn't ridiculous enough to allow them the ability to have you walk in a spacehole and pop-out on the ceiling to blast some ass. Although, it could've been to let the technology for you to no not totally die in a FPS come to fruition. Either way, you're tingling, I can tell.

I can make jokes and fill the screen with lots of nonsense, but what it all boils down to is, for $14.99 Prey is so friggin worth your time. I hear the multiplayer is pretty decent, allowing for multi-plane deathmatch-a-go-gos and did I mention the single player lets you take control of an angsty Native American mechanic who beats aliens with a wrench about the ass and face? If you're still not sold then you need to go on a vision quest.
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