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My new game in development, or how I learned to stop worrying and love Flash (again)

A brief history about me and game design follows, so if you don’t give a shit, please feel free to skip the next few paragraphs. Its ok, I know you still care <3.

I have been working with Flash for almost 7 years now. I’ve been using Flash since version 4 came out all those years ago, I watched it move in to the groundbreaking program it has become, from it’s beginnings as the mere web development tool it once was. As such, I consider myself pretty knowledgeable in regards to what it can do and what I can do with it.

Three years ago I programmed my first game, known as “Barbarian Bob”; I did the coding, my friend did the graphics and animation and I helped him clean them all up. The game received some great reviews, and some bad ones hahah, looking back at it now I remember what I went through to program that thing, and the time limitations I had; a lot of learning new ideas and processes, as well as a lot of help from friends in different communities, but it turned out to be playable and people really liked it, even though it is OBVIOUSLY glitchy as hell and needs seriously reworking lol, but whatever.

Two years ago I started developing a game called “Terrence the Armless Ninja”, which I had done substantial amounts of work on; cutscenes, enemies, entire levels, the main engine was complete and much more. Then the worst thing possible happened. My HDD went plop and I lost everything. I had since put Flash away for personal use, as losing everything I have ever worked on put a damper on my love of the program, and I decided only to use it for work.

Those days have ended now and I have since increased my Flash skills 10 fold thanks to my job, and have decided to develop a new game, of the side-scrolling, beat’em up variety. I’ve put about 3 hours work in to the engine so far and have come up with basic movement, depth swapping and collision detection, all of which can be sampled at the bottom of this post; the graphics are nothing but placeholders, so please don’t rip on me for them hahaha, I drew them in like 30 seconds. I’m intending to make an adventure game out of it, complete with tons of puzzles, dungeons, enemies and other fun elements like destructible environments and basic physics.

Along with the already basic movements you will be able to jump, climb, dodge, shimmy, crawl, sneak, stomp and more! Almost all items will be able to be picked up and used as weapons or as items in puzzles; I’m even thinking of including a simple combining system to add a little more to the puzzle system. Obviously, being a beat’em up, you will have some combos, not too extensive but more than enough. With basic hand to hand combat you are given a 3 hit combo system, while holding the button will implement a kick. With a light item, you will get a 2 hit combo, while holding it will throw the item. With a heavy item, you can only swing it once, but it will cause a lot more damage; throwing it will knock enemies off their feet if they are hit. All of this is subject to change btw, and are merely my starting ideas, I intend to expand upon everything a lot more than I already have. Vehicles will also play a small part in the game, not like driving around a city or anything, but there will be a few puzzles where they will be involved.

As for the story, I have a few ideas fleshed out that I do not wish to disclose here, but rest assured that the crazy themes of the game will fit the style of the story, characters and the overall themes of the game. I don't intend this just to be standard side scrolling game, I want it to have a story that will interest people, and character that they like.

Like I said before, I want there to be a large amount of levels, enemies and bosses that are fun to play, and are not simply there for filler; obviously I have a ton of my own ideas already, including but not limited to sharks, dinosaurs, natives and zombies, but I am well aware of the talent in this community, and I want your input! If anybody knows games, it is Destructoid, and I know you guys have awesome ideas that would be great in a game like this. So if you have any suggestions or ideas for levels/enemies/puzzles that you’ve always wanted to see in a game, or that you’ve just come up with and you think it is a good idea, now is the time to let them out. The whole community will be credited, but if I use your specific ideas, you will be given special thanks in the credits; that’s about all the payment I can offer you <3

So go for it. Places, characters, puzzles, enemies, absolutely anything you can think of that you think might be fun to play, let me know! It doesn’t have to be limited to the real world either. This is a very real project that I intend on finishing, not only for the fun factor and my love of video games, but also to display my level of design and coding capabilities for potential future employees, so please don’t shrug this off, I would truly like input from a ton of different people so I can make the game as fun as I can for everyone.

And here is the progress so far...

Game Engine

W, S, A, D to move around.

Also, cocks.
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