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Warriors Orochi (PSP): Impressions

Before embarking on a recent vacation to St. Simons Island, GA, I swung by the local Gamestop to pick out a new portable game to keep me entertained on the flight: Warriors Orochi for the PSP. It is a good deal more enjoyable than one might expect.

I'm a sort of newbie to the Warriors franchise, though I have dipped my toes in the endless waters with Dynasty Warriors Gundam, Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires, and Samurai Warriors. Out of the ~30 hours I've spent with various games in the franchise, the one memory that sticks with me is getting to the point where I have one last "boss officer" to knock out before beating a level, then getting killed by a unlucky shot and having to scream "Fuck" as I have to restart the stage over again!

Warriors Orochi fixes this classic problem by allowing 3 members in your party at once that you can switch on the fly. If one of your officers is going to die, you can switch to another one with a full bar of health. Health and musou (special attack) meters recharge when you aren't using officers and it adds a nice layer of strategy to the mix-- do you level up all your officers equally or have a "super officer" and let the others serve as damage mops?

The narrative is less cohesive than usual for a Warriors title, which is saying something. Lovers of demonic Chinese/Japanese medieval history fanfic might enjoy the story. Missions objectives tend to get a bit more varied than in the core Warriors titles, which is nice.

After playing this on the long plane flight back to Portland, Oregon, I feel the warriors franchise works better on a handheld. You can take a 30 minute play session and still feel like you've accomplished something and not be too frustrating--although I'll admit to playing the console versions for 4 hours at a stretch.

Anyone else check out Warriors Orochi? Fail or rawk?
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