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Help design the new Desutoid helmet to rock AKON in Dallas this weekend.

Greetings, my fellow Dtoiders! I am Redzie, Destructoid (somewhat) regular and contributor (and lurker) to Destructoid's most weaboo sister site Japanator and also the unofficial Japanator mascot: DESUTOID!!!! Desutoid, born out of my randomness with my skillful last-minute-making-stuff-out-nothing (which got me through most of Creative Writing) and the fact that I get to meet some cool people from Destructoid and Japanator the following day at this year's AnimeMatsuri. The Desutoid helmet, a cheap aluminum foil (Tin foil is expensive) knockoff of Destructoid President Niero's helmet, but with the heart of gold was crudely made from cardboard, foil and some reflectors I bought from walmart. It still impressed a lot of people at AnimeMatsuri, one of whom was a drunk Texan car dealer who jokingly wanted it to be his mascot.

Being the indecisive fool I am, I can't make up my mind as to what to make the second version of the Desutoid helmet. I want to put in so many things to it but I lack the time.
So I am here to ask you, the community to ask for your help!

These are what I cant make up my mind on:
Green (like the actual Destructoid mascot, and to differentiate myself from Niero's)
Aluminum Foil (I know its not a color but its true to the robot thing but it wrinkles easily)
Silver paint (not reflective but never wrinkles)

Red (faithful to the Dtoid army)
Red and Green (Go with the Desu meme that spread through 4chan and whatever chans they are)
Japanator eyes (Ive been thinking about these a lot and these look like those anime eyes)

Lights (it'll be surprise as to where I'll put these but guarantee that they will be so awesome):
Cool blue (like all those armored characters from new shooter games with all them glowy stuff, which will coincide with my cosplay project for OniCon 2008 Stay Tuned!!!)
Fiery Red (this one has Charizard)

Accessories (I might do all of these though):
Glasses (Im already making one awesome)
Solid Eye Patch (from MGS4)
S.O.S. Brigade arm band (from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)
Geass (From Code GayAss)

And any other suggestions are welcome!

Here is Desutoid in action near the end of Video:
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