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Darth Vader (insert breathing here) ARRIVES!!!


Or in a thirty second long video but it still looks nice. IGN already had videos of Yoda but I am not interested in Yoda because in my opinion he is too small. But Vader, he is a real man (except for when he was a whining little boy who wanted to race) and the reason I am getting the PS3 version.

Saying that I want to address the beef (insert joke there) that I got when I announced this on Vent. Yashoki being the Mexican he is said that no one will be on the PS3 online so I shouldn't get it. But the game hasn't showed me that the online will be any better than DOA 4. But I do have to admit Virtue Fighter 5 has good online. The other reason I am planning on getting the PS3 so I can get a good arcade stick.

So there is Vader and those are my thoughts.
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