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"If you love it, change it": Dead Rising

ahhhhhhhh, dead rising. some people say its perfect. it isn't. it has loads of flaws. but the game idea itself is so good and so well executed that the flaws don't matter. If a DR2 comes out then these flaws should be fixed.

first the story:(skip of course if you already played the game)

YOU are American reporter frank west. Also known as total idiot asshole from idiotville. You come flying in a helicopter because you want that big scoop you have been waiting for for a good time. You are a badass because you are an ex war reporter. You land on a mall surrounded by zombies and here your adventure starts. Well not really, the mall is pretty safe because the zombies have not broken in yet. this all changes when a stupid (cunt) ladie opens the door to get her dog from outside. Your first reaction will be like: "oh wtf is that? stupid bitch!!"
but I'm glad it happened. because otherwise this game would not be very long.
There are 3 kinds of people.
1. survivors, generally friendly people that you can save.
2.Psychopaths. these people are crazy, you can choose to fight most of them.
3. Zombies. Big part of the game, very important.

of course your goal is survival and this can be achieved with:

1. weapons from all around (park bench, katana, lawnmower)
2. eating food.
3. avoiding zombies.

there is a level system and a attack upgrade system. By taking funny gory or erotic pictures you can earn “cc points” this is really just experience. You can also get those points by killing zombies in a great way.

Dead rising is my favorite xbox360 exclusive. i've completed it loads of times. and have (i
think) all the achievements. It's a fun game and very rewarding but. some options the developers and some ideas the developer used, are pretty poor ones. and if you just start out with the game, these get you killed real easy. and when you are further in the game just annoy one to death or frustration.


the difficulty of the game is in the start extremely high. you only have like 4 bars of health which you go through in an instant when you are trapped by 3000 zombies. to recover all you need is a good amound of food. different food give different amounts of HP. The Hp is upgradable with some good old leveling.
But on level 1 you have 5 bars and no special moves. It’s a hard game in the start. This is the greatest obstacle for beginners of the game. They die at the first boss. This is because of a number of reasons.:

1. Health. Why would you have so little hp at the start.
2.only a handgun to fight him.
3. He has the highground
4. And a smg.
This makes the first boss one of the hardest to complete because you have no idea what you are doing. You don’t have to beat him but if you don’t you fail at the games story and have to act like you have a reason to live.

In the game there are a good amount of psycopaths ranging from cultists to crazy clowns. They are really funny but are extremely hard. They are harder than any of the story bosses, this leads me to suspect that capcom purposely made them this hard so they could enlongen the game. This is not a 1 play through game, you will complete this game multiple times if you want to rock. And this is all because of the difficulty. You can not complete the game with level one skills and you will not kill and explore everything in the given storyline within your first play through its just too hard. Now the zombies themselfs are not that hard to kill, with the range of weapons they are fairly simple. But surrounding you with thousands of zombies makes the game harder in the start of the game. And in my opinion less fun. This brings me to my second point


I’d rather have quality not quantity. I’d rather have a less dense zombie population and have more divers zombies. Even though the zombie isn’t known for its intelligence it would be nice to have artificial intelligence. It’s really a point A to point B system in this game. They are point A and your brains are point B. They want to get to you and you want to keep your brains within your skull. But rather less zombies that are really hard to kill and are pretty smart then the .stupid zombies.
Now this flaw of course is hard to see because there are so many zombies and that they all want your brains, and in a way you are the center of attention . But it makes the game repetetive. Id also rather have more kinds of different zombies. Like in resident evil.

And talking about resident evil this is exactly the opposite. Resident evil is creepy, this is fun. Resident evil has a few zombies. This has cities of zombies. Residnt evil you have a gun and a knife. Here you have a park bench and a plasma tv.

The level system

After a good few hours of play you level up and you will be able to do more moves and you will have more hp. But the level system is again a reason this is a more than one time play through.
All the good fun attacks are unlocked in the last levels and your hp goes up devishly slowly. I’d rather have a more choice specific level system, where I can choose if I want more hp or a new attack. I know I have not used as many attacks as I have hp recovery items. So I would of preferred more health over fun attacks. Also if you don’t take pictures or go around killing every zombie you see you will not level fast. More like slow poke slow. It took me 53000 zombies to get to level 44 and im still not in the last level. So if you don’t commit to all the aspects of the game you will never complete it.

The control system.

This will annoy you time after time. The controls are terribly loose. And the animations are very stiff. So you can want to turn around to hit someone but you cant because you suck. There isn’t really a fault with the buttons, it’s more of a problem with frank west moving like an ass. Also this has the very annoying jump like an idiot system.

Save game system.

Now this is where most people fail. The save system. The game is already hard in the start but if you don’t get good at it fast you will hate the game. The sve system is a one file affair. You can only save over your progress. Also the savepoints are spread so far apart that if your in trouble you might as well reset your console try again without getting into trouble. The game is hard enough as it is why there is a piece of crap save system is beyond me. Improve improve improve
The simple stuff.

The size of the letters in the game that hold vital information is crazy small. The time in the story to do fun stuff is stupidly short. The survivors are as stupid as the zombies. And there are not enough savepoints.

The reason I love the game.

Even though this game is flawed, the game stil sucks me in. It has diversity and is fun if you understand it. The characters are funny and unique and it is short enough to have fun with for a hour.

If you haven’t played this game buy it it rocks, but only if you liek killing milions of zombies with shower heads.
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