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One for both Dtoid and Tomopop: The Fallout 3 Action Figure

Hey all,
As some of you know I have posted before on Jin Sayotome's video game related custom toys but I felt that this one really deserves some attention.

I present to you, for your fapping pleasure, Jin Sayotome's Power Suit action figure!

You can check out the larger version here at his DA page, he claims it was made for an Amazon sweepstakes competition but they left him hanging. So if you guys keep an eye out it just might show up on his ebay page ;)

Man this guy makes some wild shit, you can also check out his website to see what else he has made, there are quite a few video game characters in there too so go have a look.

Well that's all I got for today, just wanted to get the word out on this guy's badass work :)

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