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Destructoid Cards: Booster Pack 7


Booster pack 7: Evil Passionate Electric Snow: Perfect

Gynecologist Cobra card notes: Oh for fucks sake. I'm going to make this easier on myself by making a story out of it.

Once upon a time there was a boy named Electro Lemon. This boy made everyone laugh with his wacky antics and not inconsiderable shooping skills and even ascended the leaderboards to reach a top 5 ranking. One day Electro Lemon went away, and everyone was sad. "Where did Lemon go?" the people cried, wondering where their favorite black ball of funny had gone. Soon enough, the memories of Electro Lemon faded and the people went about their now drab and unfulfilling lives.

Until one fateful day when a new black sixteen year old electric, citric Gynecologist with the power to electrocute bitter babies from the vagina came on the scene; offering pap smears for a nominal fee (paraphrased from the good gynecologists c-blog sidebar). The people didn't know what to think, especially when this strange new gynecologist cobra said...


This really confused the people; how could one person become two!? Regardless, the cobra brought much merriment with him and thus the story ended happily ever after.

The end.

P.S. The reparations reference is from a little while back when Eternal Death Slayer held a contest giving away XBL points to whoever could convince him that he/she needed them the most and Electro Gynecologist made a blog demanding that they be paid to him as reparations. Retreat cost is from all the people still unsure of who Lemon/Cobra is even after repeated posts from the man himself directly saying that they are, in fact, the same person.


I just had to put that in there somehow :D

Passionate Styos card notes: Seriously, ANOTHER Dtoider from Chile that studies and works in Norway? It seems like that's everyones story these days...

Oh wait, I got that backwards. It's nobodies story but this guys: Passionate Styos.

Now I know that he's a good person, you know how I know that? He listens to Retroforce! And that's all you need to be good in my books baby.

The Styos also loves tigers (as much as Chad likes sharks he claims on his c-blog sidebar), and posted a really excellent analysis regarding Dyslexia and how it affects gamers that should be required c-blog reading.

As implied by his second skill, Passionate Styos loves him some Castlevania, despite being from a decidedly un-Castlevania like place. He loves the series so much in fact that he wants to change it. He's also a little tired of games that are trying to be Symphony Of The Night (SoTN), hence the resistance.

The music reference is from a series of blogs called Musical Attack Mondays, wherein Styos posts a bunch of cool covers and remixes of some great game music.

P.S. Is also part of that most dubious of cartels: the IRCartel.

A Humble Mr. Perfect card notes: From his sidebar (where the moose reference is from) it would appear that Mr. Perfect has been with us for some time, lurking ominously in the background. Fortunately he decided to start blogging a while back and has since then put up a pretty good critique about mayonnaise flavored yogurt, an article about how GTA stacks up against Super Mario World and a quick look at Mr. Perfect: the RA.

Evil Chad card notes: At first we all thought that this was a one note joke that would play itself out in a day or two, much in the same way that Happy Anthony did, but what we got instead was another valuable Dtoider to add to the mighty Destructoid army!

Evil Chad is exactly what his name would imply: an evil version of Destructoids own Chad Concelmo, which means that he is only super sun shiny, spewing happiness and positivity from every orifice, about half the time and the other half he's more or less a normal dude. Being evil he also leads the militaristic minded dolphins in the mighty Dolphino army (Laser dolphins!), which will one day no doubt take over the seas in a violent coup detat from, uh, whoever owns the seas.

A short while ago Evil Chad underwent what sounded like quite serious surgery and came out on the other side just fine, which led to much rejoicing by the community. Even though no one actually knows Evil Chad, it was still a relief to hear that he made it through surgery OK.

I'm happy to see that you're still with us man ;)

McSnow card notes: Since we're going to be sharing the same flight in from the UK to Seattle for PAX, McSnow and I have a super strong, nigh unbreakable bond, so long as neither one of us switches flights.

McSnow has experienced the kind of excruciating pain that I can certainly understand, and I'm sure that many of you can as well. You see, McSnow has worked in retail, and not just retail, but electronics retail.


The Surrey mothers reference comes from this all too familiar sounding blog post and the Grand Theft Wii reference is from this particularly awesome c-blog entry.

Also, you'll notice that his portrait is from a really special moment in McSnow's life: the moment he got to go "hands on" with Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Hands on indeed...


Tomorrow I'll put up a blog talking about what conclusions I've come to about the rules that I'll be trying to shoehorn onto the cards. There'll be voting and everything!

Coming Soon

A very special New York booster pack 8 featuring...

Bahamut Zero

Secret booster pack 4 featuring...

C-blog sultans and forum friends!

Random quote... EXECUTE!

“Friends are God's apology for relations.”

~Hugh Kingsmill
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