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Just bought Mario Kart Wii

After spending a couple of hours playing Social Slayer today in honor of the holiday, I decided to take a break from all the bloodletting and went to the store. I have been looking for Wii Fit, but alas, have been unsuccessful so far. Instead, what caught my eye was a game that I have been planning on buying for the longest time, but what with all the Grand Thievin' and Call of Dutyin', I haven't had time for my favorite overweight Italian plumber and his go kart chicanery.

So I came home with it and booted it up. I glanced at the plastic wheelhouse, and thought it looked silly, and even though I was alone in my room, I didn't want to look like a spaz with a mini steering wheel (nevermind the fact that I have been playing Tiger Woods Golf and Madden football standing up). After a minute of hesitation, I popped the remote in, and got ready to do some go kartin' versus some international Miis.

The best part of the game is not even the racing itself, though it works surprisingly well with the steering wheel. I even came in fifth place...once. The rest of the time, I was heading up the caboose of the Mario Kart caravan. No, the best part is cartoon globe that rotates and shows you where who you are actually playing against. There were a couple of East Coasters, a Japanese dude, and some other people. You see the awesome Mii representation, and it is lag free.

Overall, lotsa fun, and provides a great break from when I get frustrated in GTAIV. In fact, after writing this blog, I might have to get started in the Gran Prix mode, and then have a couple of online races. (It will not be with any online friends, because I am lazy enough that I won't bother to register anybody).

I wasn't a hundred percent into Mario Kart DS (for some strange reason, I can't get my DS to get online. I have no problem with my Wii, PS3, Xbox360, or PSP getting online, but not the DS), nor was I totally into Double Dash, even though they were both fun, but my favorite Mario Kart was the 64 version. Graphics were smooth as butter and the controls were awesome because of the analog stick.

Anyways, I forget what my point was. Oh yes, triple red shells above all else. And the fun of the game balances out looking like a doofus with a plastic steering wheel.
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