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I bought Okami (Wii) yesterday

Like my previous post, this is not a review, but a first impression. I will have a review for My Life As King next week.
Anyway, back on topic, I bought this yesterday because it was $30 and I love Clover Studios (Viewtiful Joe) and I am always game to support CAPCOM as long as it isn't Megaman (Star Force 2 ZX Ninja, serious title).

What can I say? This game does everything that Twilight Princess Wii should have but didn't. I'm not hating on that game, I love it very much, but if you play both titles, that will be one of your first thoughts.
The graphics style is very cool, similar to VJ but in a more traditional period. The story and theme is all about restoring nature which reminds me of anime movies like Princess Mononoke and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (in a good way!)
LIKES: Practically everything, from the Celestrial Brush techniques to the story to the world. I hope the next Zelda takes some notes here on what to do and uses it to improve TP (which is still an amazing game)
DISLIKES: The battle system is a little weak in ther beginning until you get some brush techniques. You'll get annoyingly stuck sometimes because the game either holds your hand or leaves you to figure everything out by yourself. Sometimes you fail to draw something when you think you shouldn't, leading to some mild annoyance.
This preview is based on the first 4 hours. Yeah, I played 4 hours in less than 1 day. So it's definately a great game. It's also a long one, (40ish hours) so it may take me a while to get a review up. Look for my review of MLAAK on Wiiware in 1 week and a review for this in 2-3 weeks! See you then!
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