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Oh hell yeah!! Even without Y0j1mb0 we will continue our series of Fights

This call goes out to: Shipero, Ha-Puken, Sadistic, Liam, Whiteboy, Moosehole, DarkTraversty, Teta, Zaqu, Qraze, Video_Cognito, Manta, JackofnoTrades (internet leeching days are over!) and.... YOU!!
(and everybody I forgot, sorry 'bout that)

Interested Dtoiders just start your game @ 8pm EST and wait for your in-game phone to ring... accept our invite [I, Takeshi will be hosting the festivities!] and prepare for a night on Liberty City full of explosions, lunacy and naked Zombies. Courtesy of Destructoid. Willing participants leave your PSN name below so we can get a hold of you.

You may also want to add Johanhin -yours truly- to your friend's list as well. Makes it easier for me to send you them invites.

Y0j1mb0's famous last words: 'He's from Holland but he's alright.'

But either way let us know what modes you care to play so we can make sure they all get a play. Hope to see you five star criminals there.

p.s. If anyone wants to play a little Haze co-op before GTAIV starts, I'm game.
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