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DS Adventure Games? Anyone?

So I've been plowing my way through the various 'n' sundry "old skool" adventure games on the DS... they seem to be the sort you'll either love or hate. So far, they've all had their charms, but still no home run hitters yet... just whiffle ball hitters... maybe even wet noodle hitters...

Touch Detective -- This game is really, really, really odd on the outset... Cute little anime characters which are mostly little girls. Odd timeless setting with bizarre zombie-like NPCs throughout that are supposed to be the adults (most adults to these little girls are mindless zombies). Traditional point-n-click gameplay. But it has a great slightly adult tongue-in-cheek humor as they show what your character is thinking on the top half of the screen while you talk "out loud" with NPCs on the bottom. A solid game: silly, fun, odd setting, occasionally annoying, overall well-done. It's spawned a sequel: Touch Detective 2 1/2.

Hotel Dusk Room 215 -- Another point-n-click, this time clearly aimed at older folks (no cutie anime here). It's a very noir'esqye point'n'click mystery that takes place entirely in a shady hotel full of shady NPCs with shady motives and backgrounds. Lots and lots of dialog throughout (it's basically all dialog and event driven, with the odd puzzle here and there). Overall, a good game, but one that I flamed out on mid-way through. I just picked up this dev team's previous adventure effort, Trace Memory, but haven't given 'er a go yet.

Myst DS -- This is supposed to be fairly terrible (Gamespot user score of 5.4...). Anyone tried it?

Any other "traditional" adventure game players played anything you loved? Please, help a loser out! I'd even take a story-heavy RPG... anything... I'm an old, old, old PC adventure gamer (I'm looking forward to running ScummVM on my CycloneDS next week!), and need my fix whilst on the go...

Mikey (Myqui)
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