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Myqui's Tales of Etrian Odyssey

Alright, so I've been a wuss with regards to DS game difficulty... not even smart or skillled enough to finish any of the DS Castlevania games. Along came Etrian Odyssey, and sure enough, 20 minutes in to the game I was dead as a doornail... But for some reason I stuck with it... there have been many a "that's it! I quit! This $%@#%[email protected] game is too hard!!" moments. But I always want to give it that "one more try", and always manage to push through the hard bit, and get that sense of reward you just don't get anymore in RPGs. So many action RPGs in the last 5-6 years give you SO MUCH loot that it's all meaningless. EO gets back to the days of "oh my god! A +1 short sword! WOOOOOOOT!" -- every cool new item is a huge find.

Anyway... best moment? Defeating Fenrir on B5F... I swore I was never going to beat him as other FOEs kept joining the battle. Finally, on try 4 or 5, victory... two FOEs maybe one turn from joining in, we finally finished him off... such a feeling of accomplishment, one that I haven't had in an action RPG in a long time.

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