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N00bie that signed up just for the contest...

Yea I just signed up for the contest so HA! :P

Anyway that aside, I thought I would just add a bit about me and try to make peace on this site.
Only problem is that I'm a nerd and there is nothing really cool about me.
I'm a game programming, been programming since I was 5, and other then that I'm a student at DigiPen and like Yogurt.
So I might stick around a while and see what this place is about. Hope not everyone here is a jerk :D

^^ Now bring on the hate!!!!
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About canuckgamerone of us since 6:50 PM on 05.23.2008

Not much to say about me, I'm a student at DigiPen and I make games.
Other then that I'm just a boring person ^^

Oh I can program in over 11 languages so I guess that is something :D