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Etrian Odyssey, new users

This is to all of the Destructoid faithful who have had accounts since the beginning of time, post regularly, live in Vent, have one of those wood paddles with the bouncy ball on it with Ron's face printed on it:

Because of the nature of the contest, a lot of people are going to be signing up for accounts at Dtoid for the first time. Maybe they're going to do it simply to enter the contest and we'll never see them again. But maybe they'll stick around after posting their entry, and they'll realize we have an awesome community of people who share similar interests, who are open and accepting of new faces, new words, and new voices.

Or, they'll sign up for an account, create a blog, and then have a handful of people put on their douche caps and tear into them. They'll then return to where they came from, tell everyone that the people at Destructoid are a bunch of assholes, and they will never return. Destructoid's traffic will drop like a brick, advertisers won't want to spend any money on a site that only has 50 users who throw stones at anyone who dares enter their sanctuary, and then Niero has to sell his liver to pay the bank.

Let's guess which scenario I'd rather see happen? Don't be jerks.

That is all. Have a good weekend, guys.

[Oh. If I wasn't clear, THIS is the contest I'm referring to. It was promoted today in an email blast sent out by Atlus via their newsletter. That means, like I said, a lot of new people will find Destructoid. I promise you guys, this is a good thing.]
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