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FFCC: My Life As King -First Impressions


I downloaded this on Tuesday and have played 55 days. I will wait for a full on review until I have finished it. So what are some of the things I like/don't like?

It's pretty deep for a downloadable game. The concept of having others doing the fighting actually works, and there's some good RPG elements in keeping them up to date gear-wise. The graphics are pretty good and the controls and music are nice. Its a very long game. Take that LostWinds! ;)

Talking to people is a pain, and you have to do it to boost morale. The game isn't clear enough on how to do important things like to build bakeries in order to increase your morale sphere max. Your adventurers can be very annoying, failing easy missions when they are 5+ levels over the recommendation. Seriously, when I send 4-8 people of Lv.14-21 to fight a Lv.13 boss, I expect someone to f*&^ing win! God. There have been about 6 missions that I have had to spend 5-10 days to beat because my adventurers were dropped on the ehad a s babies or something. What the hell... Oh, and the days are only about 5 minutes long and I always seem to have 5 minutes and 15 seconds of things to do. Annoying!

Full review coming in 1-2 weeks. It's a very long game for a downloadable. I'd say I have put in 5-10 hrs and I'm somewhere in chapter 3 outta 10.
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