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If you love it change it:Pokemon

The first time I played Pokémon I was hooked. My best friend gave me a copy of Pokémon Blue and a red Gameboy Pocket for my birthday/ a get well gift. I started playing immediately. I had wanted Pokémon for a couple months at that point and was the last kid in my class to get it. For the next year and a half all that mattered to us was Pokémon. My favorite game in the series was yellow by far. I liked the new graphics, getting all three starters in the course of the game, the Pikachu, and the minigames. Having a more direct relationship with your Pokémon really seemed like a good idea to me. One of my main complaints was that Pikachu was the only Pokémon that would follow you.

If you have ever watched the show then you will know that a Pokémon battle is far more complex in real time. I don’t mean to say that turn based combat sucks but a real time Pokémon game would kick some major ass. Imagine this, a Wii game where you run around as a trainer (that may or may not be made in a character creator) like in the traditional games, but when a battle starts is when the changes start. Your party leader, lets say a Bulbasaur, enters the battle. Instead of the standard menu based combat you control Bulbasaur. You can run around a 3-D environment and use your 4 attacks like they would in the show. For instance if you use razor leaf on the Charmander you are fighting he could just use a fire attack and destroy the leaves before they even touched him. The possibilities for combat like this extend beyond stuff like that. A Pokémon who could jump or run fast or whatever could have some interesting advantages. The Pokémon would feel more like the Pokedex described them.

I would also like to see the game be a bit more open ended. Lets say for instance you are an evil son of a bitch who likes to take things that don’t belong to you. Then join Team Rocket! Steal other peoples Pokémon and send them to Giovanni, or even take Giovanni’s position! If the breeding thing seems good to you then become a breeder and watch Pokémon have sex!(sicko) Like in yellow I would like all the pokemon to have a personality like Pikachu. His mood and attitude would change based on what you did. A Charmeleon is a little punk bitch? Then let him act that way. The attitude/ personality type could even effect how the Pokémon develops.

Also screw those new Pokémon, it’s the original 151 all the way, but that’s a matter or personal opinion I suppose.
Thank you so much for reading!
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