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Australian Dtoiders: Indiana Jones tomorrow!

Foo Liz here and yes this is the new announcement blog for Australian Dtoiders! If there are any NARP's you wanna plan or events to advertise let me know and I'll be happy to post it. But as stated in the heading our Indiana Jones outing is only one day away!
Plans are as follows:
Meet at 8:30pm outside Oportos(where all the buses stop) at Macquarie Shopping Centre, North Ryde and grab some food
9:30pm normal session of Indiana Jones, we have 10 good seats booked, and there are plenty of seats surrounding ours still available if we run out out of booked ones.
After the movie we'll probably head somewhere for drinks, whereever we decide to go.
Then if all goes well at this one this should be the first of many Aussie NARP's to be held!

See you all there!
Msg this account with any questions.
You are all welcome if you can make it.

P.S I'll be the blonde wearing the Dtoid top and blue jacket.
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