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Tales from the CBM: Mur-gasm


Those of us in the CBM get together everyday and talk about anything and everything. Games, movies, music, politics, t-shirts, hot sauce, clothing, cereal, Canadians, Workmeng, life, love and of course, sex. Yeah, we talk about it, because believe it or not, we've all had it. I know, I'm as shocked as you, especially since roofies weren't involved.

Today, I'd like to bring you a short, but sweet, little story one of us shared with the group. I could see this being adapted into a full-length feature on the Lifetime Movie Network and cleaning up in the ratings dept.

Well, I'm going down on the girl when she finally climaxes.

The thing is she TIGHTLY wraps her legs around where my mouth and nose are completely covered. I seriously can't breathe.

To the point when I try to get her legs off she thinks I'm trying to be rough.

In short, I pass out from lack of oxygen, pass out, go limp.

Luckily she realized that and let me go. Had she killed me, no way she could be convicted.

My friend years later dubbed it the 'Mur-gasm'

It's sad to think we almost lost one of our own due to a fellatio-related incident, but it's one to tell the grandkids.
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