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DTOID FapFiction Part 2: British Boogaloo. NSFW

As we break away from Yashoki's Chocolate Factory, we join the hot action taking that is taking place on the other side of the pond. Join me? Wont you...

Sterling then whipped out his monocle, spoke the magic words "Klaatu Verata Niktu" making his microscopic penis two feet long and four inches wide. As he shielded his eyes from the gazing brilliance of the pantsless figure in front of him, Wardrox saw it for the first time in his life: the true meaning of a pound Sterling. "No top hat for you Wardrox" Sterling squealed in his girly bird voice as he bent the cuntbiscuit over for a bloody good rogering.

Pumping Wardrox's Jack and Danny like an ole Wolverhampton whore, Wardrox began to scream randomly, "GIVE ME A BLUEBERRY MUSTACHE!" he said, "MINGE ME MANOR!" he yelped.

"Can you feel the knowledge flowing through you?" asked Sterling. "Gimme the rockin' horse in the boat race ya tosser" stammered Wardrox as he was almost near orgasm and quivering in pleasure. "Please Mr.Sterling, pop my oozing charlies" begged Wardrox. "I shall, dear boy", Sterling said, "but first you must taste my salty scones".

With the flair that is all his own, Jim disengaged the meatspin from Wardrox and smacked him in the face with his silver pan handle. "This Pint is gonna be a tad salty" said Jim as he let go. His face full of happiness, Wardrox joyously mumbled "NOM NOM NOM NOM" and licked all of the tarter sauce from Jim's Fish n' Chips.

Without any warning, Atheistium walks in on this scene of majesty wearing a Wario hat and nothing else but a smile then proclaimed "Come on Pheonix, let's show the boys how to make a proper breakfast"

Lauren and Hollie reached deep inside their purses to reveal two items crafted in the ageless fires before time: two magical strap-ons came out, one made of the gold of a thousand chavs, and one made from pure concentrated simulated crab meat.

"Not the meat!", said Wardrox

"Not the chavs!", said Sterling

To be continued...

Note: Vlambo insists on taking full credit for this since it was a dream he had, it was the first time he ever woke up "sticky".
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