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Wii Ware on Europe. First impressions on Lost Winds and Star Soldier

Ok American fellow gamers, Wii Ware arrived on european Wiis and it rocks. Even though Nintendo didn't sent the usual message on message board to inform that the service is online.
Immediately I added 3000 points and downloaded Lost Winds and Star Soldier R.

I observed a bit the changes that made on Wii shop channel. Finally it looks like there is content in there. So, the initial games are: Lost Winds, Doctor Mario, Star Soldier R, Toki Tori and Final Fantasy crystal chronicles: My life as a king. I chose to download Star Soldier R and the anticipated Lost Winds.

I played about 2 hours of each game. Well, Star Soldier can't be bigger than 5 minutes, and i guess it was neither bad nor good choice, since there are plenty of classic scroller shooters, this can be skipped since it doesn't have any length or any replayability except the score.

Lost winds is an other story. I can't believe that Jenga, GeoWars, mercury meltdown and others came out on retail and this one is on a download service. It looks and it plays great. I liked how lots of pieces of the scenery interacts with the wind you create, and sometimes the game feels so Okami...
It has it's frustrating moments. Sometimes it seems like your character does not float the way you want and you may end up falling free. The music is soothing and a bit repetitive. I like how the main character eats the fruits and then acts like a total douche and jumps on the fruit and destroys it. The puzzles are awesome and the whole game feels so polished. This game is the best 10 Euros best spend ever.

I plan to download the Oh-so-many-memories Doctor Mario. Even i didn't really liked it back in the days i was young, I'll be glad to play it again.
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