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Rock the Box @ Amazon this Wednesday

Since today's Amazon deal is the equivalent of a failure pile in a sadness bowl (you'll have to find what it is yourself, because I'm not unleashing the horror) I'm going to take today to give you guys and gals a heads up for Wednesday (5/21) because that's what friends are for. Through good times and bad times....

We've seen Amazon do this a few times in the recent past where they devote an entire day's Gold Box deals to vidja gaming. They do this because we're all whores. You cannot deny this as science has proven it via DLC and GTAIV's undeserving sales numbers -- yeah, I went there.

The deals are all going to be of the music/rhythm persuasion, so expect to see some High School Musical and Hannah Montana get in the way of your Rock Band and Guitar Hero. So don't panic and remember that I told you the deals will have some suck involved, come 12:01 AM PST on Wednesday. Yes, I completely realize I put "suck" and "come" together in the last sentence and no, I didn't mean to. Let's just forget about it and wrap this up. The other deals will be at 6 AM PST, 2 PM PST and 6 PM PST, so be sure to keep your eyes glued to the monitor...if you can stop looking for Hannah Montana nude 'shoops long enough.
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