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First Blog

Well, this is my new blog, where I will talk about games and my Youtube projects that I am doing/plan to do. So let's get started!

Death Note: Watashi Wa Kira Episode 7
I put this up yesterday. For all the whiners who somehow complained that episode 6 was only 8 and a half minutes long, well, this one is 9:55 (with shortened credits)! So, yeah!

Death Note: Watashi Wa Kira Episode 8
This has been planned AKA I know whats going to happen. Next is writing the scripts for those doing voiceovers (AKA Firemage449 and Kuramashot881) We (being myself and my real life friends/crew) hope to film this next weekend. But it won't be up this month, since
A: I've been slow lately.
B: Cagali can't do her lines until June 1st

Death Note: Watashi Wa Kira Episodes 9/10/Epilouge
Don't get me started on these yet. More details coming later. (This summer)

The Dr Wilder Show! Episode 3 ~REMIX~*
Wilder got paranoid that "the girl" would find out, so I'm re-editting so that Operation TB is no longer in it. BUT A NEW JOKE HAS BEEN PUT IN! Yay.

The Dr Wilder Show! Episode 4*
Filmed already! And I plan to put it up on ,like, Friday. Hopefully.

More blogs to come!

*indicates it will be put up on TheRealDrWilder's channel not mine
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