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Dr. Boa's Secret Project: Steal MY Idea!

So you wanna' make the best game ever?

First, you have to make the game about an epic conflict between ninjas, zombies and robots. The robots in this game must be green smoking robots (aka Mr. Destructoid). The ninjas and zombies must all be Dtoid members (using pictures provided on the forum page) and for members that don't provide a picture for use in the game, you can use their avatars as "patches" for the robots. More on how this works into the game play later. At the title screen you select either zombies, robots, or ninjas, and each race plays as a completely different game.

If you choose to be a zombie, you go into a character creation screen similar to Oblivion or Saint's Row where you create a living, breathing person. Then, immediately after creating this person, a zombie attacks them, and you watch your recently created character become zombified. The game then plays like a 3rd person adventure game with action and RPG elements. You have to find ways to over come your zombie "short comings". For instance, you're stupid and can't figure out how to open the door to get you out of the room you became zombified in. Another example of a zombie short coming would be that over time you start to lose limbs and have to adapt accordingly. Your character starts with randomized stats that increase throughout the game ala Oblivion, but his "intelligence" stat always starts out at zero, and rises as the game goes on allowing you to do more... eventually, opening doors will be a breeze! The action elements come in when you spot a ninja or robot. You have to get in close enough to trigger a dismemberment, but that's not always so easy since you're slow and you have to worry about getting parts torn/chopped off. There will also be human NPCs that you'll have to dismember from time to time to stem your "hunger". If your "hunger" gets too fierce, you'll start to get sloppy... falling down and moaning at sporadic intervals which could alert your prey to your presence.

If you choose to be a ninja the game plays like a "3rd-person stealth game" for the most part. The majority of the game you'll be sneaking around, setting realistic (see: Tenchu) ninja traps for the zombie hordes and the robots. If you're caught, you have to engage your opponent in a fight to the death. This would be presented in a 3D fighting game style similar to Virtua Fighter or Tekken. Your ninja will have his sword, shuriken, and other "ninja magic" to help combat the zombies hellish advantages and the robots tough metallic exterior combined with long range lasers, missiles, and guns. If you're caught by two or more opponents, you'll engage the crowd in a manner similar to Shenmue's "RTE"s until you whittle the crowd down to their leader, and then the fight will begin. Of course, with a game like this, it would be completely up to the player to decide how they want to play the game. If they like sneaking around, they can sneak. If they like fighting hordes of zombies like a bad ass ninja version of Frank Castle, they can charge in. Either way it's up to the player!

If you choose to play as a robot, you play as the Robot King (Robo-Niero FTW!) in a hybrid of strategy (ala Advanced Wars or Shining Force) and RTS. The battle will be handled mainly like a strategy game, with the battlefield presented as a grid. The thing that sets this game apart from the rest though, would be that the levels will be presented in a RTS manner, in that the action is constant... once you clear a level of zombies and/or ninjas, you'll have a few turns to create reinforcements, loot the dead, take their picture (more on that later), etc. Now, in order to keep the game from becoming monotonous, the scene will change between the robot army strategically working to eliminate the ninja clans and defending their manufacturing facilities and HQ from the zombie mobs. Sometimes, while defending from the zombies, ninjas may decide to raid, and during an attack on an ninja stronghold, zombies may appear... during these times, the opposing factions will fight each other as much as they fight you.

The game is finished once every member of the opposing two factions has been defeated. According to Ron Workman (founder and CEO of the "Adopt-A-Mexican" foundation), there are over 2000 (or was it 20,000? I'm not sure :-/) Destructoid members that visit daily. This opens itself up to a great variety of enemies (not to mention a great number of people that will want this game), and a great deal of replayability in collection. Finally, I'm at the point where I talk about that "more on this later" thing! What I mean by collection is that since each enemy would be unique (they can use the same AI or whatever... they just look different), your race will be able to "collect" something from each enemy killed. For robots, ninjas and zombies, each method would be different.

The robots would simply take a picture of their fallen adversary in order to identify them. When you take the picture, it would display the amount of pictures taken, that member's screen name, and their rank on the leaderboards as of creation of the game. You don't have to be able to look through the pictures later, but that would be cool.

The ninjas' method of collection is different depending on which type of opponent they're collecting from. For zombies, the ninjas would use their ninja magic to capture the "soul" of the zombie. For robots, the ninja would use their sword to cut out their ID patch (the dtoid member's avatar). Again, just like with the robots, it would display the amount of patches and souls collected, the member's screen name, and their rank on the leaderboards.

The Zombies will differ again, like the ninjas, but it won't be too different. Once the Zombies have dismembered their opponent, they'll be able to eat the brains or the CPUs of their fallen opponents. You'd be presented with the same information as with the other classes.

For each member you "collect" you get a stat bonus of some sort. For instance, the zombies can get actual stat boosts based on reaching a certain threshold of brains eaten, the ninjas could get extra equipment, and special equipment, based on the amount of stuff they collect, and the robots could get extra units or bigger movement areas.

As a final collectible to further add to the replayability, you can have roosters hidden throughout the game. There would be a certain amount (say, 150) scattered throughout the three classes games. When you kill these roosters, the game tells you "Also, cocks". By killing these cocks, you'll unlock bonuses like developer diaries, alternate skins, etc.

To sum this all up in a TL;DR version: Dr. Boa, the type of game you should make is a 3rd person action/adventure + 3rd person stealth + 3D fighter + whatever the hell Shenmue is + RTS + Strategy game with humor... and cocks.

This may be too detailed to use. If so, contact me through IM and I'll sign whatever legal documents are needed in order to allow this game to be made. Thanks.
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