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I have a new obsession: My brain


For the last two weeks there�s one game that have been around my mind all day long.
No, it�s not GTA and his mass murdering and crazy driving. It�s not a black and white game that uses Ash from the Evil Dead Trilogy. It�s not me, being a wacko with some plastic guitar and a noisy plastic drum set.

It�s a stupid Facebook game.
F-A-C-E-fucking-B-O-O-K game.

But why do I sound angry and obsessed with this game?
Well, it�s because the game is plain simple, too simple if you ask me.
You have to complete 4 tests:
1st Analyze: You either count falling blocks or choose wich figure is heavier.
2nd Math: You either complete the math operation, or fill in the missing simbol.
3rd Memory: Traditional memory cards or remember de sequence.
4th Visual processing: You choose the correct missing piece for the jigsaw or click on some asteriods with numbers.

After that, they give you score and a figure that matches the size of your brain.
There is no Rocket Science.

So, it only shows you a score, why scream, and throw your mouse all over the place?
Because then you are compared to your friends, or country or World. Yes, you are compared, they show you who can count faster than you, or sum faster.
They tell you you are inferior, and retarded, and you can�t see that the rabbit is heavier, but your friend can. Oh yeah, he can say 1+1=2 faster than you, while he is eating something and pointing his finger and laughing at you.

I just can�t stand being 5th, I can�t.
I tasted the sweet glory of being 1st for some weeks between my friends, and now I am 5th and can�t stand it.

Go, add that application on Facebook and feel my obsession. Feel the pain and burn that I am feeling.

Now, if you excuse me, I have to go and see if the rabbit is heavier than the fox and rhino.
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