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Who the F*&% is "Dr. Boa"?


Smoke and mirrors friends... Dr. Boa is all smoke and mirrors. Think about it, when have you seen Dr. Boa and Mr. Destructoid in the same room at the same time? NEVER, that's when! This site was founded on the basis that "you've got to fake it, until you make it". Niero pretended to be a video game journalist well enough to be considered one. Now Destructoid (along with other video game blogging sites) is redefining video game journalism.

If you came to the realization that you redefined an industry, what would be your next step? Obviously, you've got to take it one step further than your predecessor. Writers for video game magazines such as EGM are all well and good, but the real meat of the best of their stories was from the game designers themselves. Everyone loves the insider's scoop on what's going to be in the newest, greatest game, directly from a designer creating the game. If you could take this temporary aspect of print journalism, and make it a permanent aspect on your gaming blog, you'd instantly be markedly better. The thing is, game designers are busy guys, and as such, they can't be arsed to set up Skype so that they can be interviewed by Rev. Anthony and the Podtoid crew.

So now what? Well, you go back to what brought you to the game... you fake it until you make it! If you couldn't get Cliffy B to be a blogger for your website then you pretend that you've got a new writer that works in the games industry. You give him a mysterious name and vague background information. Then, once other designers see what a friendly environment Dtoid is for Dr. Boa, they'll sign up. Slowly, Dr. Boa will stop posting... he's busy working on a game, but he promises he'll be back! But he won't. No, like that one hot chick that I used to work with and totally nailed a few times, (s)he was only a temporary fixture in our lives... now lost to the ether.

Don't get me wrong, if this is the case, then that's pretty damn awesome. The masses will always fill in the blanks to their own mysteries, so creating a "mystery" blogger is a stroke of genius in and of itself. The trick now is to associate what input is given to "Dr. Boa" about the "game he's working on" with features in a game that's actually created, and then convincing someone that works on that game to write for Destructoid. This is quite a risk you've taken Niero! If it doesn't pan out the way you're hoping, just know that the dedicated army you've built up is loyal to the site. You don't need to impress us guy... we already think you're AWESOME!
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