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Top 10 LOLs I had in games recently

Yes another countdown you have to deal with. Top 10 memorable moments of laughter i had with games In recent memory.

10 Mario & Luigi: Partners in time

Mario and Luigi series are funny as hell. No doubt about it. But the moment that Mario had to do with two crying babies and a Luigi at total nerve breakdown was priceless.

9. Super Paper Mario

Just who the hell wrote the part that a nerdy chameleon is trying to date Princess Peach through a dating patch. The moment was too stupid and yet so clever that made me laugh for days.


I know I shouldn't laugh with a girl that's imprisoned and forced to participate in an experiment by a crazy supercomputer. If gladOS was a real woman, I'd gladly marry her for her sense of humor. Also, turrets made me laugh a lot.

7.Call of duty 4 multiplayer
I know that it's not the game that's fun itself but also the guys who play with. Call of duty's ragdolls gave birth to a variety of jokes from toilet humor to sexistic Shocking stories.

6. Sam and Max
All the seasons made me laugh so hard that the guy who lives next to me thought that i had some kind of neurotic shock. The people who wrote this are totally crazy.

5. Lost Oddysey

The game was allright but some details in the game are, in a hilariously way, tribute to old Final Fantasy graphic and physics (what physics) engines. Cars that stop at once and lifts that instead of going down, they fall free. Also, the character walks and runs funny anyway...

[b]T4.Mario Kart Wii/b]

Just play 4 player and try to be a douche. You will not stop laughing. Even though the whole gameplay was built on luck, there are some moments that you can beat the crap out of the other players and watch them get furious.


Despite I didn't quite like this Visual Whore that is already forgotten, I had a lot of fun with the physics of the game. The moment that you get a vehicle and drive is plainly fun. The most LOL moment was when i jumped on a cottage and left the car on the roof. Another stupidly laughable moment is when after a fight, you realize that you have casualties on birds, trees, and hens.

2.Sing Star

I always wanted to play Sing Star and I had the opportunity once an old friend threw a party. Knowing how much I suppress the showman deep inside me because I am so timid, they got me drunk and made me sing Maddona's Like a Virgin and dance in front of everyone. It was fun.. for them. The video still exist.


The game is full of little weird things that look like they are totally deliberate.
Having a Coffe cup on hand and pointing at people, everyone shouts and runs. A hot-dog is enough to cause Death to everyone you may hit with it, Police-men retreat when you eat and some civilians act like douches. The possibilities of stupid deaths of you or other NPC's are endless and they always cause a lot of laughter. Some stunts are fun too. Too bad there isn't any achievement for being severely stupid in this game.
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