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The bane of every Castlevania fan.


Yep that Castlavania, and for some reason I really like it, it was my first time ever playing a Castlevania. I know that many people say this game really sucks and shouldn't be part of the Castlevania storyline, well I never heard of Castlevania until I played this, I do like the story and the characters; I usually play as Carrie. Now when I first played this way back when it scared the crap out of me, yes you read that correctly, just something about it made me a tiny bit scared and I would only play it in the morning, I scare easily.

So can only imagine what people might say but I really like this game, I don't know why, I just do. The only other Castlevania game I played was Curse Of Darkness, I am thinking about getting some more of them when I have money and more time on my hands.
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