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If you love it, change it, Nintendo Wii Interface and memory

I know it's old news.
Nintendo Wii's channel interface is a triumph. A triumph full of flaws. Even if the menu is fast and smooth, there are simple things that a user would require to do. Also, the memory management of the console is, taking in consideration the tiny space, bad.

1. Make possible to the user to do more with the Wii message board pictures from the Photo channel
All boards of all Wii connected to the internet are crumbled with messages containing pictures or just posted pictures to be sent to friends. Wouldn't be great if you conveniently hit the Photo Channel which conveniently places all message board's photos in one menu instead of having the user browse for them in the endless pages of the board?
A single menu for erasing, editing and sending photos. Is it THAT complicated?

2. More uses of SD card please
As long as i have the Wii, I have an SD card of 1GB jacked into the system. Besides the Excite truck's custom soundtrack and some save game transfer, it did almost nothing. Why we can't use it to store photos and stuff from the message board, or hit our downloads directly from the SD card? Nintendo also left us some questions if they would release a new firmware update to allow SDHC in order to do things faster.

3. More uses of USB ports
Besides charging my MP3 player while Wii is on standby mode, the keyboard and the microphone on Boogey, the USB ports are ultimately useless. Why I Can't use my shiny Western Digital Hard Disk in order to transfer photos, saves and channels? Why I can't connect my MP3 player and listen to the mp3's on custom soundtrack games? Just imagine the possibilities of having a game like Audiosurf and you can open files from your mp3 player.

4.More facial packs for Miis
I know there are a bazillion different combinations of Mii facial features and they can seamlessly look to anyone. This sometimes is not real. I do feel like some of my Miis are very Japanese-like people that happen to have the same facial features with my or a specific friend. Having the Nintendo's Pay and Play upon us, why they don't sell Mii enhancing stuff?

5.Channels channels and more channels
Even if the Wii gets to use SD cards and USB disks, the menu seems to afford only a number of channels. With the size of downloads varying, what if there is a little space left in the memory for a title but none on the menu? It would be a good idea for the menu to expand only when a title is added so the users won't FEEL limited.
Moreover, Release more Software for the Wii. I am not talking abou the Wii Ware but channels that add to Wii's Functionality. Like an Audio Channel. Something like preset radio stations of different kinds, so the people who cannot use a PC to listen to internet stations to do so on Wii. Damn Nintendo, stop alienating people that you alienated your fanbase for.

6.Change the noise that the VC games do when you select them from the main menu

Tum-plink! Aergh! it makes me mad.

7.Use MB instead of BLOCKS.
This is not a memory card, you know and people used to count on megabytes now and there's nothing geeky about it

8.SKIN the main menu
The white is great but, a bit sterile. Why we can't buy and use skins?

That's all i can think for now. If left to a white room I could think of a million reasons to hate a console :P
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